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Enterprise Systems - The Enterprise Systems Approach

Bespoke Software

Case Studies

From asset management tools in Abu Dhabi to home-brewed cataloguing applications for our local businesses, our software serves hundreds of thousands of users all over the world.

Existing Products


Check out some of our tailorable off-the-shelf solutions including OCRchive, CatGen, ceTrack and EnterpriseSite

Hardware and Support


Our friendly team has decades of combined experience in database design, hardware support, Microsoft™ and linux server administration, data management and storage.


An established solutions provider in Aberdeen for over 10 years, Enterprise Systems UK works with clients of all sizes to ensure that their systems are as good as they can be. Our experience in business IT means that we can implement first class solutions in all areas; from structured cabling and hardware supply through to custom software development and web integration.

We have the experience to deal with all of an SME's requirements in-house, saving our smaller customers time and money. For larger clients we can use our experience to outsource or offshore where beneficial, and to manage these arrangements successfully. You can rely on us to understand your business and to keep you updated on new technologies. Our aim is to work with our customers towards achievement of their strategic objectives, acting as a point of contact for IT matters and a trusted supplier.

Meet the Team

  • JOHN


    Founded the company in late 2004, offering custom software and IT consultancy. Takes the reputation of the company, quality and customer service seriously, and enjoys getting into the detail. First in Computer Science from Warwick.


    After graduating from RGU with a Web Applications degree, Aaron began full time development for E.S in 2007. Aaron enjoys experimenting with micro controllers, sea fishing and locksport. Aaron is responsible for making sure that everything happens when it should.


    Responsible for technical design, delivery and coding (PHP, Perl, C++) when he has the time. Fredric has an MA in Natural Philosophy and an MSc in IT, making him well equipped to handle most issues - in programming and in life. He first joined Enterprise Systems in 2015 and re-joined them in September 2018 after a 15-month hiatus. He enjoys strong coffee, scandinavian metal and rubiks puzzles.


    Experienced in C, C++, PHP and MySQL. A background in distributed real time systems and with a First in Computer Science from RGU Hamish joined Enterprise Systems in 2010. He gave permission for his old games to be included in the VEGA console where proceeds go to Great Ormond Street Hospital. He enjoys the fruits of his garden however complains about actually doing any gardening.


    Dave is an experienced app developer using apple technologies (iOS, macOS, watchOS, Objective C and Swift), and has been widening his horizons since joining us in 2019. Holds a 2:1 in Electronic Engineering from Glasgow. Enjoys exercise in general, football in particular and DJing at the weekend.


    Jamie joined Enterprise Systems in 2010. He holds a Masters in Information Engineering from RGU and has experience with PHP (inc Laravel), various SQL dialects and more recently Angular. Outside work he is a keen gamer.


    Experienced with Python, Java, R and Machine Learning. Qualified CCNA, and holds a Masters in Artificial Intelligence from Aberdeen as well as A BEng in Instrumentation Technology. Enjoys reading, painting, knitting and playing badminton.

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Data Policy

The following specifies the Data Protection Policy for Enterprise Systems UK Ltd
The effective date for implementation of this policy is 25 May 2018

  • All data collected and/or stored by ES is done so for the sole purposes of fulfilling contracts with our clients.
  • ES only contracts with companies (not consumers) as clients
  • ES processes personal data where controlled by our clients, and as specified by our clients in a data processing agreement (DPA)
  • ES controls personal data relating strictly to the employment relationship with our own staff and contractors, and as specified in our contracts with them.
  • Where our data processing activities involve interaction with data subjects we provide privacy notices which the subjects should already be aware of as part of the notification requirements in the relevant DPA.

All ES staff:
  • have undertaken not to process personal data without the prior consent of the data controller, the subject, or as required by law.
  • consent to their business email address, phone number and other contact information being circulated for the sole purposes of business carried out by ES.
  • are trained on, familiar with, and have undertaken to comply with current data protection legislation.
  • take suitable precautions for data security, which are checked by periodic reviews and are subject to a range of controls.

Should any data subject, data controller, data processor or enforcement body have queries relating to data protection, including Article 15 subject access requests please contact dpo@entsys.uk