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Time-tracking Software

What is Time-tracking Software?

The services sector in the UK is large and expanding. Most services companies have staff as their highest overhead, with most of all of their turnover directly related to the time that their staff spend working for their clients. Accurately recording, tracking and charging for that time is difficult, but few companies can afford to get it wrong. The use of paper or excel-based time sheets is widespread, which ties up a lot of clerical staff carrying-out payroll calculations and allocating the associated costs to jobs. The delays involved with this mean that management are often slow to find out when jobs are close to their estimates, leaving them little time to take corrective action. We develop and support software that allows staff to record their time directly on their phone, tablet or PC, and to allocate that time to the job that they are working on. With the staff entering their time into the system, management can generate job lists and time booking reports to see which jobs are being worked on, and whether staff are booking the expected number of hours. Automated reminders can be sent when staff forget to complete their time bookings and when jobs exceed their estimates. At the end of every week or month extracts can be taken in the format required for payroll which hugely reduces the amount of admin time needed.

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